About Us

Advance Cash Credit Pte Ltd gives out an extensive range of loan packages that meets your exact requirements and financial needs. Being a licensed moneylender in Singapore, you can be assured that the loans we provide are 100% legal and governed by Registry Of Moneylender. Among the loans that we specialise in are payday loans, short term loans, foreigner loans, personal loans, and educational loans for students.

If you require urgent quick cash to pay off unexpected expenses such as medical bills, automotive repairs or for an overseas business trip, we are certainly able to assist you. Our legal money lenders can aid you in obtaining the cash you require even if banks have rejected your loan applications previously. Even with poor credit rating, we will still issue you a personal loan, on the condition that you are still employed.

Our vast experience in dealing with loans and clients will be able to assist you in choosing the correct type of loan. Also, we will guide you through the whole application process which is quick and easy. All our loan packages have highly flexible repayment schemes and low interest rates.